Technology and Innovation Management

R&D Incentives Service

For Grant funding opportunities In Turkey, we work as a team member of your company to present your R&D projects for highest rate of incentives. Also, we take role in your R&D projects according to our technical background.

R&D incentives
research and development incentives
r&d incentives training

Start Up R&D Incentives Consultant


R&D Grant Management

We believe in the importance of cooperation to manage incentive projects efficiently. Types of R&D incentives,

R&D incentive projects in Turkey
research and development corporation
patent incentives
social innovation
r&d incentives europe
global r&d incentives

Example : Research and Development Projects

Our achieved projects and technical background to support your team in projects.

comparison of r&d incentives
r&d incentives group
worldwide r&d incentives reference guide
r&d tax incentives by country
global survey of r&d incentives
r&d incentives turkey
patent renewals and r&d incentives
government incentives for research and development
r&d and government incentives
practical guide to research and development tax incentive
a study on r&d tax incentives final report
research and development funding

Result : R&D Grant Income

As a result of our R&D incentives service, you will achieve the following items.

research and development grants
partnership partner collaborate cooperation
collaborative research and development grants
research and development expenditure
r&d tax incentive benefit
research funding
innovation partnership network
research and development costs
r&d tax incentive joint venture
innovation grants
scientific article
social responsibility mission